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Potty outside

October 4, 2021, 4:07 PM

we have a 5 mon Morkie, we finally got her to go outside to potty, (not an easy task) She went for a week with no accidents, and went in all weather. Then BAM! She quit, she keeps going potty in the house, and NOT outside...HELP, what happened? She'll go anywhere she wants. I have know idea what happened or what to do. We praised her when she went outside, and made a big deal, Its going to be getting cooler and rainy, we have to get this under control fast.-Carol
Category: Training Tips


You still need to have her spend as much time as possible outside and continue with the praise.  Most ot the time, with your description the problem is the reprimand and corrective steps when she make an error are not significant enough for her to change.  Step it up.