Pets and Covid

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I'm picking up my mini goldendoodle tomorrow. as pups can also be covid carriers, should we all wear masks? for how long? do vets do covid testing for pups? I have a vet visit scheduled already for him.


The best way to describe Covid and pets is that they can be a mechanical carrier.  We just got a couple new pets and my approach was to employ the same common sense PPE and hygiene that we all have accepted.  I would say a 5 day play it safe period is sufficient. If your family is currently vaccinated and you use common sense you should be okay.  The only known cases of Covid 19 likely acquired from a pet is with significantly immunosuppressed people and those cases are infrequent.  There are corona virus vaccines for dogs but not against the Covid 19 types.  Testing is not common.  Let me know of any other questions.