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Puppy Biting Is Getting Worse

September 2, 2012, 9:54 PM


I have a 10 week old King Charles Cavalier.  I just brought her home last week....I have noticed in the last day or two, she has really started biting/nipping everything including all the family.  We have bought her toys to chew on and we redirect her to her toys when she tries to bite and chew on us our the furniture. It seems to be getting worse,and sadly the my boys are getting a little afraid of her! What can I do to help this situation or maybe a different approach that I can take?
Category: Training Tips


This usually starts because the puppy sees the nipping as welcome play behavior.  Having toys is an alternative but only if the puppy gets reinforcement that any other biting chewing is not ok.  You have to take a firm stand, that  includes having the children issue a reprimand.  Redirecting is not a reprimand, to your puppy it is just an extension of play.  There must be a correction that will be remembered, a noticable nose thump, followed by a 10 minute period where all family members ignore the puppy is a place to start.