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May 10, 2021, 5:48 PM

My 12 week old collie does great in the crate during the day while I am working.  She does not mess the pee pads at all and will go as soon as I take her outside.  Sadly this does not work during the night.  She makes it from 10-2 with no problem and then the crying starts.  I take her outside (no talking, no fuss) and put her right back in the crate.  I say "night night" as it is part of the routine with our other dog and walk away.  She will fuss but will calm down within 10 mintues BUT she is back up crying at 4-430. She does not settle down at all and she wakes up the other dog in the house (then we have two crying).  HELP
Category: Training Tips


By 12 weeks she should be able to go through the night.  I would try separating her more and do not go back.