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May 9, 2021, 5:49 AM

Just received my new pom 2 days ago. Surprisingly she took immediately to the weewee pad! Shes just 10 weeks old today. I thought I had an angel added to my pom family. My other pom, now 18 months old, gave her a hard time but the new one has spunk, and seems able to handle what the elder throws at her......until tonight! She walked over the the elder's food (kibble )bowl.....and peed right in her bowl!!!! It was purposeful...this i know bc she has not had one single accident since coming to her new home. Also...the food bowl was near the dinner table- no where near the weewee pad...Can anyone tell me what I am in for?
Category: Training Tips


Thoroughly clean the bowl, maybe even change it and only have it down for meals for a few days.