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Potty Training

May 30, 2012, 4:22 PM

I just adopted a 9 week old Morkie and I am potty training her on potty pads, but I was wondering if it was beneficial to train her on the potty pads or to take her outside. Is one better than the other?  Should I do both or would that confuse the puppy? I would just like to know the best potty training for morkies.  Please help!

Thank you.
Category: Training Tips


There is not a best place for her to go.  Which ever is most convenient for you is fine.  Consider what works best through all seasons of the year also.  One simple plan is easier for the puppy to remember but you do need pads or paper as a back up even if your goal is outdoors.  We just added 3 potty training videos to the site, take a look.