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Pup Wont Drink ANY Water

January 19, 2013, 9:19 PM

I have had my  8 week old female Morkie, for 6 days. She has not drank anything (none) since she's been here. She's not at all interested .  . I have tried everything ,including a baby bottle to get her to drink.    I am feeding her Gerber's Baby Food to keep her hydrated but need to figure out how to get her to drink Thank you.
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There is a lot of water in any moist food (canned puppy food, baby food).  As long as your puppy is eating and feels good she is getting adequate water also.  If you have a dish with a low rim and a water bottle you are doing the right thing.  If, on the other hand your puppy is not eating and active then that is a different situation