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Poopy Puppy

February 24, 2016, 2:14 PM

My 12wk Lahsa plays in her poop. She steps in it, she lies in it,  and she roles around in it. Then she takes her poopy paws and scratches herself with it. This makes it hard to spot clean. Therefore, I end up having to bathe her nearly every day. I try to stay around as much as possible to clean it up as soon as I see her poop but it's impossible,  especially at night or when I'm away. I was advised by my local vet to use baby shampoo. Do you have any suggestions?
Category: Puppy Hygiene


Frequent bathing is unavoidable with most new puppies.  Baby shampoo is milder than most shampoos but it can still be irritating because the protective layer "epidermis" of puppies is much thinner than human babies.  I would suggest a shampoo designed for dogs like Aloa and Oatmeal.