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Reaction to Vaccines, Medications?

October 5, 2015, 9:18 PM

I took my puppies to the veterans office today because she has a stuffy nose so he gave her a antibiotic  shot than he said she needed  her 12 week booster so he gave it to her with en 10 min she was vomiting answer just laying  there not moving before I took her she was wild and playful  the vet had me take her back and leave her all day to be watched they said it was a reaction to the  booster I want to know if it was from giving  her both shots at the same time she had no problem with her 8 week booster and what should I do when it's time for the last booster shot feeling nervous
Category: Preventive Care


Trying to sort out your comments but it sounds as though if it started that quickly then it would most likely be from getting injections.  Hopefully she is doing well now.  I wouldn't recommend skipping her vaccines but you may want to premedicate her before the next visit.  You can give benadryl at 1mg per pound of body weight starting the night before and continuing through the day of her vaccinations,