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February 10, 2013, 12:51 PM

My puppy is 12 1/2 weeks. She has had 4 vaccines.

 12/14  Neo - Par
12/28 Galaxy Five Way
1/11   Galaxy Five Way
2/5     DHLP Parvo. 1st of 3

Can I start taking her for walks in  public parks and sidewalks in the  neighborhood  even though she has not had  all the shots or do i need to wait until she gets the final 2 Parvo shots and her Rabies shot ?

Thank you

Has 2 more to go and her Rabbies Shot.
Category: Preventive Care


The safest plan is for her to get a 5way vaccination including parvovirus at 14 weeks of age or later. You should be able to take her to public places about 5days after that vaccine.