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Is A Little Drop Of Honey Bad For A 8 Week Old Shorkie

December 10, 2012, 9:15 AM

Hi ,
We have an 8 week old puppy Shorkie and she is dry coughing with what sounds like a hack at the end. We are suspecting she possibly has "kennel cough" . Her vet doesn't open till 7:30 am, in the mean time is ok to give a little drop of honey to sooth her throat?
Thank you, we really appreciate it,
Category: Preventive Care


Honey is ok for puppies in reasonable amounts, 1-2 cc should be well tolerated by a small puppy.  It is often used as a quick energy source to deal with hypoglycemia.  As for the cough,  there is no reason not to try honey to soothe her throat.  Many veterinarians would choose to start the puppy on an antibiotic and I also prefer the use of an expectorant.  Use of a nebulizer or humidifier is another great way to soothe and moisturize the upper airways.  Take a look at the  three videos about respiratory disease and also the one on "kennel cough."