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What happened at the vet?

October 2, 2021, 9:22 AM

Hi everyone, looking for advice. I took my dog this morning to the vet. Unfortunately they didn’t  allow me to come with my pet because covid regulations.  Prior to my dog enter I told the technician to not leave unattended my dog on the higher platform inside the vets room because he could jump. He is a  Berne doodle with short legs. I didn’t want him to harm himself. So I originally came for some rashes he developed  in his tummy and his  tummy spots and other questions.  Veterinarian suggested the heart worm test and the  Shot to prevent heart worm. So I was curious where they would obtain the blood  from. According to  the receptionist , it would be from the legs. It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes when finally picked up my dog.  When my dog came home he was very thirsty. Later on I found out my dog’s balls were like in the pictures below. Skin wasn’t raised and inflamed before. Any advise. Or what could the reason be? What should I do. 
Category: Preventive Care


Unfortunately your pictures aren't part of the body of your questions.  I will check elsewhere and let you know.