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Which Vaccines?

May 26, 2014, 11:12 PM

Dr . PUP..ChouxChoux has been with me right at 3 weeks.. I feel she is adjusted well since her sick tummy which you helped me YOU ARE WEALTH OF INFORMATION..... Thank you for All your help ChouxChoux is my FIRST animal...I  know she is  due for shots...is it safe for to get them now that she is better ...what ones do I need ask for want is good for Florida....I Adopted ChouxChoux from Affordable Pup..Amazing People..Thank You in Advance...Trish &ChouxChoux. .
Category: Preventive Care


Don't wait on getting her vaccines, as long as she feels good you should go ahead as waiting can be costly at her age. The basic vaccine is what is called a 5-way but you should follow the advice of your vet as vaccine preference varies geographically.  Take a look at the video on vaccination and type "vaccine" in the forum search box