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Post spay care

February 20, 2021, 5:40 PM

Hi, my 5.5 mth old mini goldendoodle is going to be spayed (conventional laser) next week.   Would you please advise if there is anything before and after that I should do or not do.  Should I avoid  taking her for a walk on the first week after the procedure?  And not to do any tug the war games during these days?  Can I feed her the same amount of food as usual?  She normally licks herself after pee, with the cone on, she would not be able to for 2 weeks, should I clean that for her each time to help her feel better?  Thanks!
Category: Preventive Care


I am sure you will get detailed home care instructions from your veterinarian, follow those.  Using a baby wipe to clean her is fine.