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Parasite medication

February 4, 2021, 7:58 PM

In the take home care guide video, it's recommended that we schedule the first vet visit 3-5 days after arrival, and if a stool test comes back negative then we don't need to administer metronidazole/panacur. However in the Premierpups care guide, it's recommended that the metronidazole/panacur be taken 2 days after arrival (before I'd have a chance to take to vet). Which is preferred?
Category: Preventive Care


The medications sent with your puppy are not because I know there is a problem.  Actually your puppy had negative fecal tests before it left.  Since the interval between arrival and when a puppy gets examined and has follow up fecal tests is quite variable, especially with Covid, we send those medications to be safe.  If your visit is likely to be more than 7 days after arrival I would give the medications as directed.