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Puppy Edible Chews

June 28, 2013, 9:15 PM

What are some good edible chews for a puppy?  I had an older dog that loved dried lamb tracheas.  I was told they had a lot of collagen.  Can puppies chew these and digest them ok?  Any other good or bad ones?
Category: Nutrition


While the dried lamb trachea are suitable for an adult dog they are not a good choice for a young puppy until permanent teeth are in, around 8 months of age.  I feel that Nylabone products are both attractive and safe for dogs of any age.  Their "edible chews and gummie bone" products are well suited for young puppies.  I do not like small or thin raw hide products as these can cause gastroenteritis or result in obstruction that may require surgery.