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Getting to Eat Dry Food

April 13, 2015, 8:41 AM

We have an eleven week old Yorkie which I have had on chicken baby food since we brought her home @ 8 1/2 weeks.  My problem is, she will not eat "anything" except the baby food!  She will eat a few morsels of dry puppy food if we hand feed her a morsel at a time.  Other wise she wants nothing to do with dry food!  
Is she too young to let her go till she's hungry enough that she will eat the dry food?
Or do I continue to feed the baby food to her?  Thank you.
Category: Nutrition


If dry food is what would work best for your situation I would try putting some in a food processor or crushing it and gradually add more and more to the baby food over several days. Then allow the particle size to gradually increase.  Another method would be to switch to canned food first and if desired then add dry food as described.  As long as you have had her she should be stable enough to "starve" her onto dry food.  The choice of canned or dry puppy food is a matter of what fits your schedule best.