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Won't Eat Kibble

June 10, 2014, 4:29 PM

My 9 week old Morkie won't eat kibble. I tried mixing in roasted chicken and she will only eat the chicken. I tried mixing chicken and gravy baby food with karo in with the kibble and she wont eat it. I have tried Ceasar's dog food, she doesn't want that.She will occasionally eat the kibble with these mixtures but not enough, I always end up feeding the baby food and karo with a syringe. but today she doesn't want as much as she has in the past. I have had her 10 days and she seems happy and very playful but this afternoon she doesn't want to eat or play, what do I do?
Category: Nutrition


The thing that concerns me most is your comment that she doe not want to eat or play.  I see this as a potential problem unrelated to the fact that she doesn't like kibble.  Continue to offer her food that she has shown that she likes until you establish that her attitude and appetite are okay.  If her attitude has not improved overnight then be sure to let me know.
Since you have had her almost 2 weeks you should be able to move her toward the food of your choice by just not offering an alternative.