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May 26, 2012, 8:11 PM

I just adopted a 9 week old Morkie.  In the information that they sent me they said I was to feed my new puppy yogurt, fresh chicken and ceaser's puppy food but did not tell me how often or how much, but did say to feed her 3 cc's of yogurt every 15 mins for the first two hours.  

Also, they spoke of her hard food and said the food and water were to be kept down at all times.

Any information regarding her feeding would be welcomed.  

New pet owner
Category: Nutrition


For a puppy that size you want to be sure that she eats at least each 1 to 2 hours  for starters any combination of the can food ,chicken or dry food is ok. Start with the craters then try the other if necessary. Keep up the yogurt. Check the homecoming videos for info