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Routines for food and water

February 23, 2016, 11:39 PM

I am bringing home a two pound Maltese puppy she is 2 months old. How many times a day do I need to feed her? How many times a day do I give her water?  Should I just give her the dry dog food the breeder used or give her additional food that is canned or cooked?  Should I alternate the food and mix it? I also have Nutrical gel and a Nuvet vitamin in the form of a wafer should I add one of these per day to the meal?
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For the first 3-4 days you should offer her food once each 2 hours during the day and at least once overnight.  If she is doing well you can gradually lengthen the time between feedings until you reach about 3 times a day.  
Water should be available at all times.
Especially during her transition to a new home and routine the most important thing is for her to eat.  If she will eat the dry food that is fine, canned food , baby food or white chicken meat can be used as an enticement if she is not eating well.  I would hold off on the use of supplements unless directed by a veterinarian.