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First nights at home

June 25, 2020, 1:31 PM

Our yorkie puppy is 9 weeks and this is our second night with her. Both nights she has slept in her crate and has cried numerous  times throughout the night.  I placed the crate in the kitchen. Do you recommend a better place to place her crate for her to sleep at night? Also, should I leave food and water in her crate for the night time? Any advice we can get for night crate training is much appreciated. Thank you.
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Most of the time any place that is near but not with you is okay. The most important thing is not to respond to her crying.  There are however a few puppies that do better if in the same room.  I wouldn’t try that unless there is no change in 3 more days.  For the first week it is a good idea to have food and water in the crate.