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Growing up

October 3, 2019, 2:57 PM

I received an email from AKC advising that now that Princess Tina is 5 months old I might think about switching her to "junior" dog food.  She is currently on Royal Canin puppy food for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 's.  What is your recommendations for her.

Also, we are still having problems getting her to potty outside.  She will go out for 30 minutes (even an hour). And then come in and go potty.  We scold her gently and take her back outside.  We have even taken her poop outside and. Nthrow it down in the area where she is to go.   Our hope is that the older she gets the better chance she will understand and start going outside.

Would it be better if a put her crate always and stopped using potty pads?  Are we confusing her by having the potty pads?

Thank you for your assistance.
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The food change is fine.
As far as the potty training goes your gentle scold is not enough.  The reprimand has to be something that she wants to avoid happening.   Sounds like the pad part is not needed.