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Therapy dogs

February 11, 2018, 3:32 PM

We had seen in comments on the website where we got our pup that someone loved their dog so much they registered them as a therapy dog so they could take it with them everywhere. Trying to figure out if we could do the same but can't seem to find special requirements just purchase this certificate and you get the whole package deals. Is that how it works. We live in ohio and our pup is almost 2 yrs old. Do you see negatives to doing this?
Category: Homecoming


The original intent was for dogs that offered unique support to their owners, now it is a loophole allowing dogs to enter environments where they usually aren’t allowed.  I don’t see a negative to the process from an owners perspective except there are many environments that your dog would better to avoid.  I expect some of the regulations may change since there are some aspects of unregulated movement and access that can have a negative impact.