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Registry Concerns

April 1, 2015, 6:30 AM

I recently purchased an ACA registered yorkie, as opposed to an AKC registered yorkie. Reading online I have read that ACA probably means that it came from a puppy mill and could probably not be registered AKC because of breeding issues. It also stated that it could be more prone to genetic medical issues and that I should never breed it. Is ACA a sham and is it possible that my yorkie is not purebread. I love her dearly, and hopefully wanted to breed her in the future. Was the purchased price of my yorkie devalued because it was ACA  instead of AKC ?  I read so many conflicting statements. Above all I want her to have a long healthy life.
Category: Homecoming


Canine registry organizations are free to set their own standards.  I remember when the choices were either AKC or Not Registered.  Other organizations arose out of the recognition that the AKC requirements were arbitrarily restrictive and that many established breeds of merit were not recognized by the AKC.  So there are now many breed registries each with its own set of rules.  No matter which registry we look at it we need to understand that none of them can guarantee the health or condition of your puppy.  There are physically solid, healthy puppies that are not registered with any group and there are puppies registered with highly regarded groups that are physically unsound.  Rely heavily on your veterinarians assessment of your puppy when making decisions about breeding.