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Sleeping Arrangements

September 7, 2014, 9:02 AM

I am thinking of adopting two puppies.  If I do, do I need two crates?  What do you suggest for sleeping and eating arrangements when having two puppies?  I have purchased one Pup pee poo palace and wasn't sure if I should have two or if they sleep and eat together?
Category: Homecoming


I think that having two puppies is certainly good for the puppies and most of the time also good for the owner.  Sleeping together provided the crate is large enough is a good idea also.  You may want to mount both feeding bowls in the cage with enough separation for each pup to easily get to a bowl.  After they get adjusted one larger bowl is okay.  Take a look at the "question of the month" article " Is Two Puppies a Good Idea?"