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Feeding Times

September 5, 2012, 2:41 PM

how often do I have to get up to feed a nine week old morkie? arrriving tomarrow evening.
Category: Homecoming


Be sure to offer food and water as soon as your new puppy arrives.  For the first few days you should interrupt any activity at least once each 60 to 90 minutes to encourage consumption.  Once your puppy is consuming food predictably you can begin to lengthen the times between feedings.  Review all of the homecoming videos before your puppy arrives so that you have  the necessary items on hand as well as a summary of feeding schedules and what to do if your puppy is reluctant to eat.  "Getting ready to bring your new puppy home" and "I'm too excited to eat" are especially important videos when you have an extremely small, young puppy.