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Puppy Adjusting Well

March 19, 2017, 7:40 AM

My pup is a 10 week old, 2.8lb morkie. We have had her a week. She eats about every 4 hours, approx 1tbsp of wet food mixed with one tbsp of dry food. It takes some coaxing but she gets it in. I have been waking her to feed her at night. She is eating once during the night approx 6 hours after her last meal of the day. I think she would sleep all night, approx 8 hours if I let her. Is that ok? If not how long do I keep waking her to feed her at nigh? She is lively and playful. Doing great with potty training too.
Category: Homecoming


You can extend the time before waking her, I would try an additional hour for a couple nights just to be safe.  Also leaving a small amount of dry food in her cage for the next week would be okay, then gradually wean that away.