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Changes, Stress and Illness

November 5, 2016, 1:08 PM

Our new Cavachon who is 9 weeks old is now sick and doing a coughing, hacking, throwing up motion with nothing coming out, as well as now is lethargic, not eating and having trouble breathing (ie breathing slow and quick breaths).
We took him in to out vet this morning and they gave him an antibiotic shot and instructed us to stop the azithromycin and give him steam bath treatments and rest until Monday and to let them know how he is doing by Monday.
Is this a common occurrence from pets shipped by airplane?
Please help and let us know.

Brett and Devan Kikendall
Category: Homecoming


With a new puppy and especially if extended travel is involved respiratory and digestive upsets are common.  We have a puppy whose immune system is not yet fully competent and then added strains from interrupted eating, drinking and rest routines.  If your puppy is eating and playing then many times these problems can be handled with simple home care steps, but sometimes your veterinarian will need to prescribe additional therapy and care to bring about resolution.