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Going Back To Sleep After Nighttime Feeding

July 16, 2012, 11:19 AM

Thank you for responding to my earlier questions.  When I do the night time feedings, then take him outside to relieve himself, is it realistic to expect him to go back in to the crate to sleep? I know I need to establish a regular nighttime sleeping pattern for when he ultimately sleeps with us in our bed but how long are puppies expected to sleep at night at this age? What about when they are full grown?
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It is reasonable to think he will go back to sleep after a meal, elimination and probably about a 20 minute hard play session.  Full control over elimination is not functional until about 12 weeks of age, so continue in the crate overnight until potty training is complete.  Once you are confident in his daytime food consumption you can allow him to go longer and longer overnight without waking him up.