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Drinking Enough Water?

December 27, 2013, 11:02 AM

My 10 week old puppy doesn't seem to be drinking enough water.  Is there a way I can encourage this?  I have been giving him some via syringe in mouth to ensure he stays hydrated but why wouldn't he want to self hydrate?  His energy is good and he is going pee very well.
Category: Homecoming


If your puppy is eating well, feels good and has normal uninations and bowel movements then you do not need to be concerned about water intake, it is okay.  Most new puppies are consuming moist foods, canned puppy food is about 70% water.  Also if we use a 2 pound puppy as an example their average total daily maintenance requirement of water would only be about 2 ounces (4 tablespoons).  Seeing your puppy only take a few sips here and there is normal.
If your puppy's attitude and appetite are good and he has free access to water he will drink what he needs.  Some puppies are used to a dish and some are used to a water bottle so if you are not sure which container was used you can supply both at first.
There is some information about checking hydration in the video "Common Conditions-Overview"