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New Puppy's Diet

December 26, 2013, 10:10 PM

Hello my new puppy Milo is a male maltese abt 10 weeks old ....Milo has been eating and drinking normal the starter food affordable pup sent us. Today he does not want any of the baby food or the yogurt....but continues to eat the hard food....he spit up twice a few minutes apart a really light pinkish clear bile not sure if I should be concerned......thank you....
Category: Homecoming


As long as he is willing to eat the starter food and his appetite and attitude are good things are ok. If there has been only one episode of vomiting and if his stools are normal I don't think you need to do anything now. If he vomits again I would give him 0.3 ml of pepto bismol and withhold food for about 20 minutes after. Please let me know what happens from here through the forum or INSTAVET  mobile app.