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Feeding amounts

November 9, 2020, 6:42 PM

Hi Dr.  Our Pup is officially 3 months as of Yesterday and I wanted to know if we are on track.  So far we have been feeding our 16.4 lb (F1b Mini Golden Doodle),  3 times of 1/2 cup of Royal Canin Puppy Food.  He also is getting snacks of about 1/4 cup for training (freeze dried raw food.)  What next food should he be eating in the future and what quantity should he eat.
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I do not know his weight but here is some info that should help.
There are a few guidelines of  adequate consumption that are just as important as the actual volume of food eaten.  During the transition to a new home it is extremely important that your puppy eats frequently, you should offer food at least each 1-2 hours during the day and each 4 hours overnight.  Allow your puppy to eat whatever it wants in about 5 minutes or so.  Keep in mind your puppy's appetite will vary during the day, and day to day,  just like us.  Leaving dry food available as nibble food is a good idea unless you have other pets that might take advantage too often.
  Once you are confident your puppy is eating regularly you can begin reduce the number of feedings.  By the end of the second week shoot for about 4 feedings per day.  
Your puppy's attitude will generally tell you if he is eating enough: if he eats regularly, eliminates normally, plays energetically for a while and then sleeps things can't be to bad.  If you feel there are changes to this pattern let me know as it could be a signal that something is up.  A decrease in consumption coupled with a decrease in activity spells trouble.      

Dog foods 

There are many quality foods available.  Here is a short list;

Natures recipe c d
Iams woof  soft
Iams Eukanuba small bites d
Royal Canin  c  d
Pro plan savory soft
Hills ideal balance c d
Castor pollux organically
Simply nourish c d
Wellness c d
Bil jac frozen

c-can     d-dry kibble