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Puppy Injury

January 25, 2013, 5:23 PM

My 9 week Morkie  jumped off my lap today. She's never done that before.   It was a 22"  fall onto hard ceramic tile She is holding her right paw up and not walking on it. 
Should I give it a day to see if she starts walking on it  or should i take her in today to see if it's broken? 

She's still happy and playful - just not walking on it.
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If she seems comfortable and the limb is not flopping about it would be fine to wait overnight and see.  Also take a close look and compare her right leg to the normal leg and see if you detect any obvious swelling.  If she is back to normal overnight then you need not worry, if she is better but not normal I would recommend you still get her checked tomorrow especially since it is a weekend.  Do not give her any aspirin or similar pain relievers as these can mask the lameness.  As long as she seems comfortable there is no reason to give her anything.