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Puppy Bumps His Head

May 19, 2015, 8:33 AM

my puppy ran into my foot and hit her head.  Then she acted strangely for a few seconds, walking very slowly and shaking her head to the side. She recovered fully from what i can tell in just a few seconds but it was frightening. I"ve seen this happen one other time when she was playing with our other dog and the she bumped her head.  What should I know and should I be concerned?
Category: Common Conditions


If it was really an accident and she quickly returned to normal then it's just part of being a  puppy.  The other situation we need to consider is whether there is an underlying reason that she bumps into stuff.  Does she normal in all respects, balance, vision and awareness otherwise?  If so I wouldn't worry, but if you feel that something else may be "off" please let me know so I can advise.