How Much Sleep?

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How much willl my puppy sleep during the first few weeks?  She plays a while and then sleeps.

It is normal for a new puppy to sleep a lot, at about nine weeks of age around 2/3"s of the time.  Play periods would last about 20-30 minutes, eating/drinking about 10 minutes followed by maybe an hour or so of sleep.  These times will vary during the course of the day and also day by day.  It seems that most new puppies sleep more the day after arrival as they have to catch up from all the acctivites associated with travel and investigating a new environment and new friends.   Total sleep time will gradually decrease as your puppy acclimates and tries to blend into your schedule.  I don"t worry about the amount of sleep as long as the puppy is active, eats, drinks and eliminates while it is awake.  If your puppy sleeps a lot and is not active and eating well during the awake periods it can be a sign of a problem and you should inform a veterinarian.