Helping Your New Family Member Adjust To Its New Home

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                      ADJUSTING TO NEW ENVIROMENT

When you and your puppy first arrive home take him to the outdoor area you plan to use for at least fifteen minutes. Once inside, introduce your new puppy to family members and allow a few minutes for play and bonding.  Monitoring food and water intake and a repeatable routine are extremely important to healthy development.

A simple “Daily Check-off Schedule” is available through the Doctor Pup web-site.

Continue the schedule you started on the ride home by giving an opportunity for food, water, exercise and elimination each one to two hours during the day and at least, each 4 hours during the night or if you are away.  Remember your new puppy may not have ever been alone before   If he does not have a companion, try creating one with overstuffed pet toys, your heat disc, some music or even a ticking clock.  When your puppy wakes up, take him to your chosen elimination area followed by an offering of food and water.  The day after your puppy arrives home, start making plans for your first vet visit, which should be scheduled between day 3 and 5, after his arrival, if everything is going well.