What Is Doctorpup.com And How Does It Benefit My New Companion?

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I'm Doctor Gary Rybka , a practicing veterinarian of 35 years and owner and director of a small animal hospital in Columbus Ohio.  As advisor to Animal Shelters, Breeders and Adoption Agencies, I have a special interest in providing preventive, as well as medical and surgical care for puppies awaiting a new home.  Many of the most rewarding moments in my career have come while assisting first time pet owners with a new puppy or existing pet owners who have chosen a new companion.

What does Doctor Pup Cover?

Doctor Pup provides access to :

Videos, Articles, Interactive Chats, a forum and Apps all about your new puppy.  Being prepared before you bring your new puppy home, with discussions of Nutrition, the Medicine Cabinet and At-home-care.  Common diseases and Congenital conditions, the Hows and Whys' of Vaccination are just a few of the valuable topics covered in Doctor Pup.  We will help you understand serious disease risks such as Canine Parvo virus, Heartworms, Fleas, Ticks and more.

I Have A Vet Already......

Welcoming a new puppy into our home is filled with anticipation and excitement.  Nothing lightens a heart like playing with a puppy, or watching children or other pets enjoying their new companion.  The information provided in Doctor Pup will help you understand your puppy and improve this relationship.  We will provide an education that is logical and easy to follow.  Doctor Pup is not meant to be a substitute for a good relationship with your veterinarian, but rather a source to help you provide solid information for your veterinarian.  Let Doctor Pup give you the tools, to care for and enjoy your new friend for a long, long time.