Puppy Eating Wild Mushrooms

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Puppy ate wild mushroomJune 18, 2014, 5:20 pm

 Hey doctor, Myla has been eating some mushrooms out of my backyard. I'm not sure what to do. She has thrown up a few times but the mushrooms aren't always visible. Some are tiny and red. What do we do. Could this be harming her.? Should I talk to the vet about it? 



 There are many types of mushrooms that are toxic. Depending on the species of mushroom that toxicity can be express as something as simple as transient vomiting to convulsions and death. Proper mushroom identification is difficult as there is overlap of many identifying characteristics. For example there are small red mushrooms that are not toxic and some of the deadliest mushrooms are small and red. You can check with a county extension office or the mycology dept. of a nearby university and they may be able to help you with correct identification. If transient vomiting in a dog that otherwise feels ok is all that you see there shouldn't be a problem. If any other symptoms please contact your veterinarian.