Vet Visit With Limited English

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Hi this is Jingjhen ke this is my first time to raise a puppy his breed is cava chon and I will take him to see the vet very soon my problem is I am not a native speaker so English is not so well enough what vet gonna to do in his first check what question should I ask to vet?

We can divide your puppy's first vet visit into 4 parts.  History, exam, interpretation and recommendations.  The history could be written down before you go, include records that came with your puppy, dates and duration of any problems you may have noticed such as vomiting, itching, coughing etc.  The exam can proceed very well even with out conversation.  Interpretation of exam findings often needs input from you, so for this part having someone who can interpret would be great.  If this is not possible most vets can get a lot from limited english coupled with hands on expressions with the puppy.  Your vets recommendations can be written down so that someone could help translate after your visit.  You could consider locating a vet who speaks your language.  Please try to let me know of any problems you have with your puppy and I will try to help.  Watch the homecoming videos and the vet visit videos with someone who can help you understand them before you take him to the vet.