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Articles and Videos

We designed Doctorpup to be easy to use and to provide convenient access to information about caring for your puppy.

Browsing the complete list of articles and videos allows you to discover new topics.

Selecting a specific category allows you to view articles and videos related to that subject.  This can help narrow your selections to a particular time period,  organ system or area of concern.

You can also search the entire body of information by keyword which will present all aspects of the topic you have chosen.

While viewing a selected video you can open the control bar at the bottom of the player to pause or rewind the video and to adjust the volume.

Below the screen the "comment" buttons allow you to view comments from other members and post your own comments to help us ensure that the information provided by Doctorpup is clear and helpful.

Selecting "printer friendly version" creates a copy to use for your notes or to share with a friend.

Choose the best format for your questions

Forum q & a

The forum is available to members for unlimited questions 24 hours a day.

Previously submitted questions can be searched by keyword or category.  This allows you to benefit from the questions and answers of other members.

When submitting your questions please include a short subject description and the category if you know it.  Once your question is posted Doctorpup receives and E-mail alert that a new question has been added and you will receive and E-mail alert when your answer is available.  We will answer all questions promptly  (less than 24 hours)

Live Chat

The "Live Chat" is available at varying times each week.  Each session allows you a 10 minute conversation with Dr. Rybka to discuss in detail specific subjects related to your puppy.

View the "upcoming chat schedule" at the bottom of our home page.  You can move ahead to the time or day that will be convenient for you.

To enter the Chat Room select "Live Chat"  The questionaire provides Dr. Rybka the necessary information to understand your question and formulate an answer specific to your pets situation.  Including this history will allow us to devote more time to our conversation.  The chat format gives us the opportunity to develop a better understanding of your pets situation and offer answers which are detailed and tailored to the needs of your puppy.

Phone Consultation

The "Personal and Emergency Phone Consultation" options allow you to speak directly with Dr. Rybka.  He will then be able to provide immediate advice on what your next steps should be regarding your puppys care.

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Now that you are familiar with the many ways Doctorpup can benefit you and your puppy let's sign up!

Just fill in the information requested.  Be sure to use an active E-mail account.  The password you enter will be your access to Doctorpup.

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