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Getting to eat dry food June 10, 2020, 10:57 am

        Hi there, 

I want my 10 week old mini goldendoodle puppy to eat dry food. He hasn't been interested at all, and I'd been trying to introduce it mixed with babyfood but he turned his nose up. This week, we've switched to trying to wait it out with dry food and feed him through play and training (scattering the food on the ground or throwing it for him to chase) and we're getting much further but he's only eating about 100g a day where he should be eating 150g. Is it ok to keep working through this with him or should we give up and try a different approach to avoid him undereating? 

He's very active and happy otherwise, gaining weight, and doesn't seem to be feeling the effects of undereating.      
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        Sounds like you have a good understanding of this, keep doing what you are doing and in a few days you will be there.