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Training with the palace December 22, 2019, 1:14 am

        Seems like my puppy despisest the poo palace.  We placed him in here and he cried all night.  He couldn’t wait to get out.   He immediately ate and fell asleep on my lap.  

He did however pee and poop in it.  

Is it okay to keep him out of the palace? With the exception of  times when we can’t monitor him (ie we are not home or when we are sleeping.      
Category: Training Tips


        It depends on what training goal you want to accomplish.  If pad training is part of the goal then he must spend time in the palace for him to learn that using the pads is the goal.  The only way for him to adjust to the palace is to spend time in there.  When you put him in you have to walk away and not go back unless he is quiet for at least 30 minutes.  Having the palace out of sight and most sounds of you will help.