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Are Rich Foods Better July 16, 2019, 1:15 pm


Two questions:

1 - Our puppy seems to be very sensible to changes in his food resulting in loose stool and diarrhea. The food we are trying in very gradual steps is very rich in proteins and nutrients (Pets Wants) and everyone is surprised is having this effects on him. Could this be a sign of a week inmune system?

2 - We understand we have a "life time warranty" as long as we keep subscribed to you. How this warranty works? What is covered and how one receives the benefits?      
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        It often seems that the designer pet foods which promote themselves as rich in nutrients cause GI upsets.  I prefer high quality foods without the gimmicks.  Here is a short list:

Natures recipe c d
Iams woof  soft
Iams Eukanuba small bites d
Royal Canin  c  d
Pro plan savory soft
Hills ideal balance c d
Castor pollux organically
Simply nourish c d
Wellness c d
Bil jac frozen

c-can     d-dry kibble

I do not set the terms of your warranty, you should check with the people that provided your puppy and back the warranty.