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Older dog and new puppy April 30, 2019, 4:54 am

        My puppy (teddy bear 4 months old) wants to play with my adult dog (t cup poodle). My adult dog gets very upset and growls and fights back. that just prompts my puppy to go at her more. My adult dog sits on the couch most of the day now but now the puppy can jump on the couch so she gets no breaks at all. What can I do to get this in order?      
Category: Homecoming


        Your older dog just wants to be sure her status in the house and with you is not in jeopardy, while on the couch have her close to you and act as the referee.  You may can still mold the new puppy’s behavior by imposing reprimands and corrective measures such as a “time out” in a “penalty box”