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New puppy sleeping with older dogs? April 26, 2019, 5:17 am

        WE got our puppy (8 week old teddy bear) yesterday.  I watched everything on the site about homecoming and such.  We have two other small breed dogs as well.  Last night we put him in his kennel, in our room, and he cried at least every hour.  I recall this for some of the other dogs we've had but cannot recall what was best to do.  I know he's a baby and it's to be expected but I don't want to mess it up and train him to do anything other than stop.  Our dogs sleep in their kennels at night, in our room.  The other two sleep together, and I could try putting him with them, but with him being a baby I'm sure he's going to potty in the kennel nightly for a while, and the fact that they're all really so new to each other, we typically keep puppies separate until they are more able to hold their potty at night.  What is best to do for this at night?  I believe we were told with our last pup who is now three to essentially let them cry it out, so we aren't reinforcing the bad behavior, but this makes for a long night.  Any thoughts?  Thank you!!!      
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        If you have already started in the same room you can stick with that.  Keeping the new puppy separated will aid the training process, so stick to what you are doing but be sure not to respond in any way to the crying.