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Couple in Heat January 5, 2019, 6:39 pm

        Our pup just went into heat she is petite but of age and obviously not fixed yet.  We do have a male dog in the house who is smaller then her but he is whining and going crazy. We have her in diapers and a newborn baby onesie to ensure the diaper stays on and she is crated and he is put in a separate room when we sleep or leave the house. Someone had told us that we could put vics vapor rub under his nose and it would calm him down from the whining I was wondering if that is something I can actually do? Is there anything else you recommend and should she be given anything not sure if dogs get cramps? Thanks so much      
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        I wouldn’t count on the Vicks helping much but it won’t hurt to try, he will promptly lick it away.  There usually is nothing needed to do for her, you just have to keep up with the mess and keep them separated.  Is your goal to breed her at some point?