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Loft Location November 26, 2018, 6:26 am

        Good Morning - we picked up our pup last night.  First night in the poo pee palace was a success with regards to crying.  He did cry initially, as you said he would but it did not last long.  Maybe 7-10 mins?  He did start crying again around 3:30 so I got up to feed him.

When I got to his crate, I saw he had moved his toy blanket off the bed, which is in the front of the crate and he was in the back of the crate with the blanket,  He used the bed as his potty pad for his poop (and perhaps pee although he had urinated on the pad in the back too) vs. as his bed!!

Have you come across this before?  Would you suggest I try moving his bed to the back of the crate?  Perhaps he feels safer in the back?

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        After thoroughly cleaning the loft I would move it to the other end along with the blanket toy.  Also, there should be a clip to attach the toy so that it stays on the bed.