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When To Start With Scheduled Feedings January 20, 2013, 7:49 am

        When I got my 8 week old Morkie a week ago, the instructions were to feed her every 30 minutes approx 3 cc.      But, she isn't hungry every 30 minutes.  I  can't leave the food out for her to eat at her leisure b/c it gets crusty and she won't eat it.(Gerber Chicken Baby Food)

1. Is it too soon to start some type of feeding regimen ?

2. If I it's ok to do that - can you tell me the appropriate feedings (amount and how often) 

Thank you      
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        You can change her feeding routine gradually and move toward scheduled feeding times 3-4 times daily.  It should take you a couple of weeks to make the change.  If she is active and has a good appetite you can let her tell you when she is hungry.  At the same time you should also  be changing the type of food.  First I would gradually change to a premium canned puppy food by mixing it with the chicken baby food.  If she likes the canned food you can make the change over a period of a couple days.  Also, start having some dry kibble available throughout the day(Iams Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy has nice size pieces for little puppies).

So far as the volume to feed for now it would be approximately a couple tablespoons.  Puppies are no different than we are, the amount of food they consume changes with each meal depending on activity level, temperature and time of day.  Generally you can allow her any quantity that she wants in 2-3 minutes.  Your puppy is gaining weight every day so the volume of food she consumes will steadily increase.  You don't have to be worried about excessive gain until she reaches adult size which for small breed puppies is between 4 and 6 months.

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