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Needs to be quiet until all are awake March 13, 2018, 7:24 am

        My cavachon is 8 months old and just started barking when my husband leaves in the morning. This just started after he was neutered (still has his cone on--3 days away from removing it) and took away his play yard. He takes him out to use the restroom, then put him back in the crate. He started tying him up by the leash to the back door with toys and a Kong. The second the garage door goes up, he starts barking. I have been ignoring him, but it lasts for awhile and the girls have to come downstairs to eat before school. He is fine during the day sleeping in his crate and at nighttime. I cannot figure this out and it is hard to be woken up every morning from the barking. I never go down when he is barking so by the time the girls go downstairs it has been 15-20 minutes. What can I do? Wish I could let him off the leash, but I cannot get him to stop chewing things.      
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        If there was a change of location or routine that came about with the neuter then possibly going back to the old routine might help.  This may be a good situation to consider an antibark device.  There are different levels of correction that can be achieved and there are devices that require your interaction and some that do not.  Let me know of other questions.