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Picking Foods for Life Stage December 5, 2017, 10:00 am

        I have a 4 month old Teddy Bear Breed puppy.  How long should she be on puppy food?  What size portion meals should she be getting? What brands of puppy foods have you found to be the best overall for both puppies and for adults?      
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        I would suggest transitioning her to adult food around 7 months of age.  I cannot suggest a quantity without her weight and acitvity levels.  Here are some food suggestions although there are more:
Natures recipe c d
Iams woof  soft
Iams Eukanuba small bites d
Royal Canin  c  d
Pro plan savory soft
Hills ideal balance c d
Castor pollux organically
Simply nourish c d
Blue Buffalo c d
Wellness c d
Bil jac frozen

c-can     d-dry kibble